love is a two-way street

A father sat at his desk poring over his monthly bills when his young son rushed in and announced,

“Dad, because this is your birthday and you’re 55 years old, I’m going to give you 55 kisses, one for each year!” When the boy started making good on his word, the father exclaimed, “Oh, Andrew, don’t do it now; I’m too busy!”

The youngster immediately fell silent as tears welled up in his big blue eyes. Apologically the father said, “You can finish later.”

The boy said nothing but quietly walked away, disappointment written over his face. That evening the father said, “Come and finish the kisses now, Andrew!” But the boy didn’t respond.

Unfortunately, a few days later after this incident, the boy had an accident and was drowned. His heartbroken father wrote…

“If only I could tell him how much I regret my thoughtless words, and could be assured that he knows how much my heart is aching.”

…Love is a two-way street. Any loving act must be warmly accepted or it will be taken as rejection and can leave a scar. If we are too busy to give and receive love, we are too busy! Nothing is more important than responding with love to the cry for love from those who are near and precious to us. Because… there may be no chance at all as in the case of the little boy…

ten times how to hydrate the keeping in good health every day

To drink water, drink much are thirsty to drink, although it is not wrong, but if we can grasp the learning of drinking water, according to the best time to drink, it’s not just to quench thirst, can discharge poison prevention health? Then, one day in the water is the best time to what? Tell you, below small make up most of the day the water ten times.

People can not do without water, but never seem to care about the timing of the drinking water, most people just drink when thirsty. In fact, from a health point of view, the human body at some point most in need of water, if timely filling water at this time, they can guarantee the water balance.


When I get up in the morning

Body water loss about 450 ml per night, the morning wake up in a state of physiological water shortages. Before not eating, on an empty stomach drink a cup of plain boiled water air temperature is the best, so can make blood dilution swiftly improve dehydration at night. If the condition allows, can add a fresh lemon, can have the effect of removal of waste, eliminate toxins.

Before sleeping in the evening

Not to drink too much water before going to bed or frequent night can interfere with sleep, but can’t drink, you should sip two to sleep again. Because when people sleep, the moisture loss, resulting in a decrease of the water in the blood, high blood viscosity. Bedtime drink appropriately, can alleviate the phenomenon, so as to reduce the risk of cerebral thrombosis. In addition, the elderly better standing at the foot of the bed, have a glass of water before sleep, feeling thirsty to drink a few mouth at once.

Before leaving the office after work

Office worker often ignored due to busy work eight hours of drinking water, suggest that these people get into the habit of before coming off work for some saliva. Because, not drink enough water for a long time, bladder and kidney damage, easy to cause back pain, affect work efficiency. Don’t need to drink too much at this time, the quantity of a paper cup is enough, otherwise easy to “urgency" on my way from work.

After eating salty

Eating too much salt can lead to high blood pressure, saliva secretion decline, oral mucosa edema, etc. If eat salty, the first thing to do is to drink water more, had better be cold boiled water or lemonade, try not to drink sugary drinks or yogurt, sugar instead can aggravate the sense of thirst. More than 90% light soy milk are moisture, and contain rich potassium, sodium can promote, is also a good choice.

Half an hour after the meal

Don’t drink water immediately after a meal, or you will dilute, dilution of saliva and gastric juice, the activity of protease is abate, affect the digestion and absorption. Suggest to some half an hour after dinner drink, 200 ml. Nibbling chocolates when you drink to drink, or frequent, drinking lots of water easy heartburn. Easy heartburn person should be in 2 to 3 hours after a meal, each interval of 20-30 minutes for 3-4 small mouth.

Air conditioning in half an hour

Air conditioning room air is dry, easily resulting in the loss of body water, the place such as nasal mucous membrane dry, even cause bronchitis. As a result, more than half an hour later, they stay in air conditioning room will keep hydrated, water, mineral water and lemonade, water temperature to about 40 ℃ advisable.

After a bath

Out of the shower, a lot of people often feel thirsty, picked up a cup of water to drink. Little imagine, after a hot bath, the body heat vasodilation, blood flow increases, the heart beating faster than usual, drink too fast will be bad for their health, especially the old man, should be small mouth slowly drink a cup of warm water.

When constipation

Lack of water is one of the reasons for constipation. Constipation can drink lots of water, appropriate drinking must be shoveled the swallow faster, so that water can reach as soon as possible, to stimulate peristalsis, promoting defecation. Supplement the moisture at the same time, also can eat leek, celery, apples and other fruits and vegetables that are rich in dietary fiber, relieve constipation effect is better.

When have a fever

The man is running a high fever, the heat will be in the form of sweat and that consume a large amount of water, serious can cause dehydration. Therefore, fever during filling water in time is very important. Can a small amount of glucose water several times to drink warm boiled water or temperature, about once every half an hour to drink. Drink millet congee, green bean soup is a good choice.

When the mood be agitated

Hormone epinephrine is often referred to as “pain", when a person pain be agitated, epinephrine (adrenaline) starts pumping soared, it like other body toxins, can with the moisture out of the body. As a result, the mood be agitated, might as well a cup of warm boiled water, slowly sat on the bench after drinking it, the mood will be relaxed many.

the true meaning of love

Love, is a let a person elusive thing, he had mixed feelings, I’m afraid I can’t even tell the principle of hawking said, this is a fantastic feeling, he feared to touch, is not willing to know nothing about him, her beauty comparable master Picasso painting, no one dare say that to fully understand its meaning, but also there is no one but was convinced by his charm dump, if life without love, what is the point of life.
There are a lot of people said, love, but is the emotional game of two people, when the game is over, all will become strange, ah! When this is ridiculous! , is, is the human wisdom and consciousness, emotion, and a series of Yin qing experienced by one of his disability DIY home, and might be sensitized to form an emotional history, so as to shape a person’s personality, implying that a person work in terms of law, the wisdom of when he began to form a kind of self awareness, will be not willing to trapped in someone else’s accused control, will be like a bird in the sky, to run, to spell, and when he was fighting for a long time on the way, will also tired, will be lost, also will feel lonely, at that time, then there will be a wonderful emotion – the longing for love, so, the children early love, now is not what that, but is suffered too much pressure, when he felt that all people are to give him pressure, young and small mind will be afraid of, so, who at this point, as long as good to him, will initiation feelings of love, so love is so simple. People the feeling of love, will never be unfamiliar with the cold, unless he has lost the soul, but, as long as still have life and consciousness, then you won’t lose soul, those who always say oneself without soul, not love of people, mostly, but is received setbacks, to bury their own emotional pretence of self-deception.
“Love tore heart crack lung, but is a cloud!" At this time the other day that friend to cry when I talk to, I said at the time because of the worry for him, not to think carefully, now that I think about it, this is really only a grudge, it might be a cautionary tale, if really think love is just a cloud, that why love? It is still love, still enjoy the feeling of love property hk
. Maybe people are naturally masochistic tendency, I was a little, unable to interpretation of the true meaning of love, is estimated to spend long cannot interpretation, but I have always thought that promise of love, say to must do, because that is the union of two hearts, is to conclude the contract with life, until today, I also can firmly say, I never will love when the game.
Black with most of her time to explore, to seek, to find the true meaning of love, never found, I, have no confidence to look for, but I think, in this case, love, it is a beautiful mystery, why not break the mysterious feeling?

Stay alone for a long time, always a person to accompany him, regarded by two people for a long time, have to separate, perhaps, love is the holy god give a kind of beautiful mystery of the world, let countless people understand him and obsession, love, really good beauty, the true meaning of love, is in the pursuit of love, is happy, is to be together life after, don’t regret, is in the face of love, heart will touch, this is love.

also good have you

Everyone has his own life, we do not like when I was a child can be carefree chase and play. Childhood friends are bored with together, grow up we are occasionally talk to each other, helpless, inner frustrations of life. Maybe we months not to contact, maybe we don’t know what their current life, but you do not happy, I met in encounter great joy when told people first thought. In a sense, see our more like the other side of the dump garbage mood no matter what you or I have can talk to each other, even if we don’t usually contact.
Maybe walking down the street, I suddenly heard a song we will sing the song in KTV thought about the youth crazy, may call you back, no greetings, no greetings, will only be a nervous saying “I heard it on the way of our favorite songs". Maybe only oneself gradually immersed in memories, in casual corners of the mouth blown, eyes out of time.
Busy and aimless, day to day life, feel every day is in such a hurry and I don’t know why their struggle, not the original dream, not their favorite occupation, not their own way of life, is not the life that you want to. And put on a thick layer of mask to go out every day in the face of the world, every word, every action is a multi-layer filter considering the brain said or do after the consequences. Often insist that a period of time will have to bear the guise of feeling, tired of this so-called life, walking alone in the busy and noisy blocks endless loneliness, vacant feeling a hit, bustling around as if it is to make a world, and an independent space to be left alone and the surrounding all look out, can’t miscibility also don’t want to fit in with them. You said: “we are all grown up, can’t follow one’s inclinations, camouflaged themselves to until I can’t tell which one is the real himself, is the only way to protect yourself, don’t let the heart of holes".
I’m telling you that hurt by a friend of all kinds of injustice, life, the exception of the mood is low, sobbing, full of injustice, but you never to comfort me, but I just want to miss you. Sometimes just silently listening to you until the end of the talk I tired not saying good-bye, you sometimes helplessly say: “this is you and I have to undergo, why care so much about, regardless of other people or can’t big you forever himself in good protection, since it is always let the injured heart strong!"
Yeah! Let the heart is strong, not afraid of pain. Even if the whole body scar how can I have numbness I don’t know what is pain. Sad, don’t put the sadness. When injured, alone in the endless night quietly licking. Only in the face of you when I am weak, displays all the emotions all.
I the end of the world even if you, even if you, even if you’re a lapse of several years I did not contact for a long time, that is how, you will need me, I also need you enough.
Time goes by, everything will change. Also good have you, I’m not afraid.