also good have you

Everyone has his own life, we do not like when I was a child can be carefree chase and play. Childhood friends are bored with together, grow up we are occasionally talk to each other, helpless, inner frustrations of life. Maybe we months not to contact, maybe we don’t know what their current life, but you do not happy, I met in encounter great joy when told people first thought. In a sense, see our more like the other side of the dump garbage mood no matter what you or I have can talk to each other, even if we don’t usually contact.
Maybe walking down the street, I suddenly heard a song we will sing the song in KTV thought about the youth crazy, may call you back, no greetings, no greetings, will only be a nervous saying “I heard it on the way of our favorite songs". Maybe only oneself gradually immersed in memories, in casual corners of the mouth blown, eyes out of time.
Busy and aimless, day to day life, feel every day is in such a hurry and I don’t know why their struggle, not the original dream, not their favorite occupation, not their own way of life, is not the life that you want to. And put on a thick layer of mask to go out every day in the face of the world, every word, every action is a multi-layer filter considering the brain said or do after the consequences. Often insist that a period of time will have to bear the guise of feeling, tired of this so-called life, walking alone in the busy and noisy blocks endless loneliness, vacant feeling a hit, bustling around as if it is to make a world, and an independent space to be left alone and the surrounding all look out, can’t miscibility also don’t want to fit in with them. You said: “we are all grown up, can’t follow one’s inclinations, camouflaged themselves to until I can’t tell which one is the real himself, is the only way to protect yourself, don’t let the heart of holes".
I’m telling you that hurt by a friend of all kinds of injustice, life, the exception of the mood is low, sobbing, full of injustice, but you never to comfort me, but I just want to miss you. Sometimes just silently listening to you until the end of the talk I tired not saying good-bye, you sometimes helplessly say: “this is you and I have to undergo, why care so much about, regardless of other people or can’t big you forever himself in good protection, since it is always let the injured heart strong!"
Yeah! Let the heart is strong, not afraid of pain. Even if the whole body scar how can I have numbness I don’t know what is pain. Sad, don’t put the sadness. When injured, alone in the endless night quietly licking. Only in the face of you when I am weak, displays all the emotions all.
I the end of the world even if you, even if you, even if you’re a lapse of several years I did not contact for a long time, that is how, you will need me, I also need you enough.
Time goes by, everything will change. Also good have you, I’m not afraid.