the true meaning of love

Love, is a let a person elusive thing, he had mixed feelings, I’m afraid I can’t even tell the principle of hawking said, this is a fantastic feeling, he feared to touch, is not willing to know nothing about him, her beauty comparable master Picasso painting, no one dare say that to fully understand its meaning, but also there is no one but was convinced by his charm dump, if life without love, what is the point of life.
There are a lot of people said, love, but is the emotional game of two people, when the game is over, all will become strange, ah! When this is ridiculous! , is, is the human wisdom and consciousness, emotion, and a series of Yin qing experienced by one of his disability DIY home, and might be sensitized to form an emotional history, so as to shape a person’s personality, implying that a person work in terms of law, the wisdom of when he began to form a kind of self awareness, will be not willing to trapped in someone else’s accused control, will be like a bird in the sky, to run, to spell, and when he was fighting for a long time on the way, will also tired, will be lost, also will feel lonely, at that time, then there will be a wonderful emotion – the longing for love, so, the children early love, now is not what that, but is suffered too much pressure, when he felt that all people are to give him pressure, young and small mind will be afraid of, so, who at this point, as long as good to him, will initiation feelings of love, so love is so simple. People the feeling of love, will never be unfamiliar with the cold, unless he has lost the soul, but, as long as still have life and consciousness, then you won’t lose soul, those who always say oneself without soul, not love of people, mostly, but is received setbacks, to bury their own emotional pretence of self-deception.
“Love tore heart crack lung, but is a cloud!" At this time the other day that friend to cry when I talk to, I said at the time because of the worry for him, not to think carefully, now that I think about it, this is really only a grudge, it might be a cautionary tale, if really think love is just a cloud, that why love? It is still love, still enjoy the feeling of love property hk
. Maybe people are naturally masochistic tendency, I was a little, unable to interpretation of the true meaning of love, is estimated to spend long cannot interpretation, but I have always thought that promise of love, say to must do, because that is the union of two hearts, is to conclude the contract with life, until today, I also can firmly say, I never will love when the game.
Black with most of her time to explore, to seek, to find the true meaning of love, never found, I, have no confidence to look for, but I think, in this case, love, it is a beautiful mystery, why not break the mysterious feeling?

Stay alone for a long time, always a person to accompany him, regarded by two people for a long time, have to separate, perhaps, love is the holy god give a kind of beautiful mystery of the world, let countless people understand him and obsession, love, really good beauty, the true meaning of love, is in the pursuit of love, is happy, is to be together life after, don’t regret, is in the face of love, heart will touch, this is love.