warm season

Listen to the birds sing cheerful , competing contests to see the flowers open , the mood is also increasing with the advent of spring recovery . Always glad that the growth in this lovely city has four seasons , you can wander in the flowers of spring ; can feel the scorching summer sun in the open air swimming pool ; Falling leaves can go in one place sad autumn ; enjoy winter snow filled the air . I love every season brings me different feelings , let my life repeatedly , I do not know wearily through the seasons of reincarnation .
You can share the joy really too small , perhaps meaningless in joy and pain , it is important indifferent open-minded ! His heart is still a hint of joy and comfort, along the way, too much attention and support of friends quietly . Among the text , carrying my joy , my pain , my tears , my heart a pure text is green !
Last night you unexpectedly appeared in front of me , suddenly hugged tightly in your arms and wept , but still have a mother like a little girl sensibility , only you know, I have tears in order to share can not say thoughts ; I saw you cry was to share the happiness when the heart can not be put into words . Happy moments in life always briefly flies by, and as such, I carefully cherish every happy moments . This feeling has been more deeply in love plain , has become part of the body difficult to let go , but I can quietly keep looking at my world …… perhaps only until the landscape are seen through , in order to be with you watching the ebb and flow . I believe that life there is reincarnation , I believe that everything in this world has its reincarnation, so I am confident in numerous reincarnation, we will handle !
Whenever the weather is nice , there are always a couple of the sixties and seventies in the street in the sun, old dad may have had a history of stroke , her mother every day totter dad walked in small steps to go back and forth pace , persisted for three years as one day …… I saw this scene for three years, moved three years. This is probably why we say " hold your hand , with a long marriage ," right ? In life , too many things moving, so I was always impressed with themselves and others , that have always believed in the goodness of others !
Work in the morning , one for work and familiar aunt came to the office , so I’m surprised she did not eat breakfast , I asked the first sentence , and then to her grandchildren to buy just let me get some breakfast , Shengqingnanque , I took random a fresh meat bun , aunt had just left , looking at her retreating somewhat stooped back, I was there in addition to being concerned about the care of a family can be a result of the work of foreign and familiar to my aunt so concerned and much moved. Let reminds me of a few years ago because of the traffic jam exam on the way I stopped a hastily electric car ride brother, do not charge a penny to send my exam I arrived too late to ask him all your name , because of his timely help make I not only did not disqualified due to late , but also successfully pass the exam . These people , we’ve never met , never intersect close , but in my life has left me forever touched , even so I feel lucky. Encounter at every stage of life elegant aid, reminding elders , colleagues concerned , happiness is often very short, but I treasure the memories one by one .
" Remarks to three winter , verbal abuse, assault June cold " and let more people between the truth and warmth of it ! Thus, in the memory of our lives , things will gradually day moving much.
Give roses , hand left lingering fragrance ! We can also pay at the time of our neighboring friends , lovers enjoy pay it! Because pay is an ability to pay people who dare to pay a certain happiness and joy ! Learn with people, grateful to learn to cherish the only way , happiness will visit on you !